The CEO’s editorial

Chairman and CEO

« NSC group is changing. And so is its web site.

The scope of NSC’s business activities moved into new territory in 2014. With the control of 100% of the NSC fibre to yarn activity – comprising N. Schlumberger and its subsidiary Seydel – prepared in 2014 and concluded in March 2015, NSC groupe has reached the objective set 4 years ago.
In 2011, the NSC group disposed of its nonwoven textile equipment business positioned in a insufficiently profitable sectorpoised with over-capacity . In 2013, the takeover of Fege, a growth company, strengthened the NSC Packaging sector by a knowledge of automation for the end of packaging lines which complements that of Pakea. Lastly, at the start of 2015, the acquisition of 50% of Euroschor provided control of the main subsidiary, N. Schlumberger, now stabilised and regularly profitable. At the same time, the future of Sant’Andrea Novara was finally clarified.
NSC groupe is now positioned on two main activities of comparable size and with complementary dynamics. The NSC Fibre to Yarn sector is a highly technical business, where knohow is key but enjoying a low growth ; its high entry barriers along with the unequalled technology and image of N. Schlumberger ensured NSC would have a leading and suitably profitable market share.
The NSC Packaging sector covers a market which grows worldwide. We are looking to consolidate and develop our positions and to put together a consistent collection of complementary subsidiaries.
Furthermore, NSC is involved in the business of Fonderie Schlumberger and NSC Environnement, whose strategic directions will need to be firmed up in the years to come. NSC groupe will now stabilise its new organisation around its two main sectors.
In 2015, the moderate growth of the main emerging economies and the weakness of the European rebound make the short-term prospects of our export subsidiaries difficult to read. The US, the only area with confirmed growth, remains a priority development target for NSC Packaging over the medium term.
Taking account of the overall integration of N. Schlumberger, the NSC group predicts significant growth in its turnover for 2015.
Secure in these prospects, all the employees of NSC group join me in wishing you happy browsing around the web sites of the group and its subsidiaries.»

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