Textile lines

Historical activity of the group, manufacturing of textile machinery represents more than 200 years of know-how and a reputation of excellence.

Designer of textile machinery and complete fibre-to-yarn lines, N. Schlumberger is a global player in combing/recombing, spinning preparation, tow to top and semi-worsting of long staple fibres.

Present in more than 60 countries on every continent, N. Schlumberger is recognised around the world for its technological mastery of complete long staple fibre lines. Its know-how allows it to guarantee its customers with solutions of the highest quality and best productivity.

Through the efficiency of its Research & Development programmes, N. Schlumberger designs industrial solutions which anticipate the needs of its customers in terms of quality, efficiency, safety and respect for the Environment.

N. Schlumberger’s strategy is based on a human resources policy which encourages initiative, technical excellence, team spirit and respect for the individual.

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